Training Run / Freies Training
DVD Pal - Loop with sound - 4:37 min
site specific installation

The installation is about spaces that tell a story that can't easily be read anymore, about ordinary rooms and the phases they go through in their time of being. It's about moving into a new place and asking yourself where all these small stains and marks come from that former residents left behind.

The weariness of the exhibition space immediately raised the question about what might have happened in there. I could see someone dropping a cup of coffee and leaving a stain on the carpet, there were workers tearing open walls to repair the plumbing. Whatever i was about to do here, i will and have to leave my own stains behind, mark these rooms.

For a while i wanted to have my own private indoor-skatepark. The rooms, being on the fifth floor, were perfect for that since i would be able to look outside and down on the streets and houses while skating.

The video was cut in a way to on one hand give hints by sound and image but on the other support the room with a soundtrack. It's nearly musical character, partly being totally silent, partly having a rhythm, was like an abstract picture of the time i spent in the rooms. A temporary mark that would go hand-in-hand with the stains my skateboard-wheels left on the walls.

 - Exhibition view - The ramp - Foto: Cem Yücetas